Horse Problems: Pawing

Most horses will paw occasionally. However, excessive pawing is considered a vice and is a common problem. It is very frequent in young horses who have not been tied enough to learn to be still. It is common in thoroughbreds who seem to exhibit it more than other breeds – and in conjunction with cribbing.… Read More Horse Problems: Pawing

Horse Problems: Riding in Traffic

There is a Mexican fellow in our suburban neighborhood that rides his horse everywhere he goes. He rides with traffic, stops at stop lights, crosses at crosswalks. I see him every so often and marvel at his horse’s composure. I had always had a dream of taking my horse to the Colorado Rockies and riding… Read More Horse Problems: Riding in Traffic

Rainbows and Horses: A Kristull Chronicle

Jamey Gambrell recently visited her horse, Velvet, and captured these awesome scenes. We haven’t actually seen a REAL Leprechaun. But I’m sure they are there, watching over each horse like it is their own. This is their sign that all is well on the Kristull.

Not Your Father’s Caddie – A Kristull Chronicle

It’s not a Cadillac. It’s not a golf club service. There’s a much higher use for a golf cart. Kristull High Water Mark demonstrates the easy way to get around the ranch on a hot day.

Chigger Fest: A Kristull Chronicle

You can drive across the state of Texas for 12 hours and still not cross a border into another state. What is it about Texas that makes people long to move here? Is it Cowboys with a capital C? Horses in wild colors? Warm weather? Graceful windmills on rolling hills as far as the eye… Read More Chigger Fest: A Kristull Chronicle

Horse Problems: Cinchy Horse

“Cinchy” horses object in one way or another to having the saddle-cinch tightened. It can be as mild as just turning to threaten to bite or as dramatic as throwing their body backward onto their back or bucking on top of you. It can be very dangerous. While reading this assessment and possible solutions, take… Read More Horse Problems: Cinchy Horse

Training Exercises: Changing Sides

Changing Sides The Goal: The horse moves his body so that you can reach one side of him and then adjusts so that you can reach the other side while you stand in one position. A great exercise to soften your horse to moving away from a muzzle pressure. It makes grooming a breeze. It… Read More Training Exercises: Changing Sides

Training Exercises: The Squeeze

Years ago my dog mysteriously got out of my backyard and into the neighbor’s back yard. I asked the neighbor’s 4-year-old boy, my dog’s best friend, if he had any ideas how it happened. He ran on his stubby little legs to the back corner of the yard where the back fence met the side… Read More Training Exercises: The Squeeze

Training Exercises: Teaching the Forward Leg Cue

A Push Button Horse: Beginning Front Leg Cue Start on the ground. “The shortest distance between two points is through the ground.” If you want a push-button horse, you must install the buttons. That is best done from the ground. Well-trained horses uses leg cues, face cues, and seat cues to anticipate what their rider… Read More Training Exercises: Teaching the Forward Leg Cue

Training Exercises: More Desensitizing

How are you going to rob a bank? Now that you are spending more time with your horse up close and personal, it is time for more de-sensitizing. He’s met your training tools. He’s learned to wear a halter, move away from you, move around you, and move his head up, down, and sideways at… Read More Training Exercises: More Desensitizing