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  1. I’m just a nobody. But I think that all bits are harsh. Leverage bit further to help with making your hands even lighter. The thing I Think most people don’t get is that your horse needs to be ready for a leverage bits so you don’t inverts injure it. If you don’t have a very well schools horse you’re just causing more pain instead of lighter hands.

    1. HI Corey: I cannot argue with you. Leverage bits (or any bit) can be harsh, and no horse should be using one who has not been educated to its use with a rider who is also both educated and subtle with their hands. A bit should be seen as only a reminder, not a controller.

      It is unfortunate that when a horse gives a rider trouble, the first desperate grab is for a new, harsher bit instead of an in-depth and honest assessment of the rider’s abilities or the horse’s training.

      Here is a good introduction to Curb Bits in general.

      I am a strong proponent of Side-Pulls and Bitless Bridles. I start and frequently leave my horses in a side-pull bridle. It takes extra precise ground training before saddle training, but it pays off with a horse who understands all of the cues without the use of a harsh mouth correction.

    1. It does not look like a very friendly bit to me either. I can’t tell you why the rider chose it. However, the pictures is just an example of a horse who is salivating. No endorsement is implied.

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