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2 thoughts on “Bridle

  1. Hi Peat:
    The bitless bridle is slowly becoming popular. However, it is not yet accepted by many disciplines (much like barefoot horses). The world of horse training is very slow to change, and many, many riders equate the bit with absolute control. None of my horses routinely wear bits, but, while selling 5 horses, I met only one prospective buyer who wanted to try the horse without one.

    In my opinion, the Bitless is an excellent tool for teaching neck reining. The reins cross-over through a ring under the chin. If the reins are used in a two-handed fashion, pulling left will put pressure on the right side of the face to firmly bring the head left. If used to neck rein, then pushing the right rein left over the neck will put pressure on the left side, bringing the left side around. (It goes without saying that your horse must understand how to give to pressure. See the articles on Pressure and Flexing)

    As my thoughts to you were getting long-winded, you have pointed out the need for an article on Bitless Bridles, so here goes:
    Bitless Bridle

    I hope this has helped. There are some very good resources about bitless birdles on the internet. see:

    Also at least one U-Tube showing a dressage stallion who was unmanageable in his bit during has first try with the Bitless Bridle. I don’t know where it is, but you can probably find it.

  2. Looking for points of view and opinions on bitless bridles
    seems best tool for training horse to neck rein.

    and a gentler way of training


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