Training Theory: Cold Blood vs Hot Blood Horses

What is the difference between a Cold Blood Horse and a Hot Blood horse? In my experience, horses can be loosely divided into three categories according to their temperaments. Generally speaking, the Coldblood Horses are the draft breeds. This includes such well-known breeds as the Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdale (right), Icelandic and Shires. They were developed… Read More Training Theory: Cold Blood vs Hot Blood Horses

Cutting Horse

Cutting Horse — a horse used to “cut off” or separate one or more animals from a herd. This horse is “cutting” Steer #4 away from the herd. Cutting Saddle: A saddle for cutting horses whose movements are abrupt with short stops and turns. It has a deep seat with wide swells (fork) and high cantle… Read More Cutting Horse

Quick Anatomy of a Horse

Basic Anatomy of a Horse We certainly don’ t know everything. Please share your expertise. Comment on what is already written or Suggest a Category and Educate us about it. Grow©

Hard Mouth

A horse is said to have a “hard” mouth when he has developed callouses in the corners of his mouth or dead spots on the bars of his mouth where nerve endings have been damaged. The more callouses or dead spots, the more pain he can take and the harder you will have to pull… Read More Hard Mouth

Tack & Equipment

Tack is a term used to describe the equipment worn by a horse during any of a number of activities in which a domesticated horse and human participate. Tack items include such pieces of equipment as saddles, bridles, halters, stirrups, cinches, breastplates, reins and many other items. Preparing a horse for work is often referred… Read More Tack & Equipment

Training Exercises: Collection

Collection is generally defined as having a horse’s body rounded, face vertical, neck rounded, back rounded and rear engaged – moving his weight to the rear and lightening his front. He will look more attractive, his physique and muscles in his back will improve, his attitude will be more engaged, and his ride will be… Read More Training Exercises: Collection

Abbreviations: Tack

SS: Stainless Steel: Stainless steel contains more chromium than ordinary steel . It is often called corrosion-resistant steel because it does not stain, corrode or rust as readily as ordinary steel. It has a high shine and lasts longer. NP: Nickel Plated: Used over malleable Iron or Zinc Die Casting to give a smoother, shiny… Read More Abbreviations: Tack

Definitions: Riding Terms

Glossary of some frequently used phrases: Most horsemen are glad to share their experience and their advice. However, to the novice horse owner, learning what people are talking about without knowing most of these terms will be confusing. Added to the confusion are the differences between Western Riding and English Riding terms. Here are a… Read More Definitions: Riding Terms