Horse Problems: Riding in Traffic

There is a Mexican fellow in our suburban neighborhood that rides his horse everywhere he goes. He rides with traffic, stops at stop lights, crosses at crosswalks. I see him every so often and marvel at his horse’s composure. I had always had a dream of taking my horse to the Colorado Rockies and riding… Read More Horse Problems: Riding in Traffic

Horse Problems: Trailer Loading

Reign gets in with ease, but it was not always so. This topic is one of the most difficult of all horse topics. Horses are: 1. Claustrophobic. Afraid of small spaces. 2. Without good vision as light changes from sunlight to shadow. Afraid of dark spaces. 3. Afraid of loud noises or different footing. 4.… Read More Horse Problems: Trailer Loading

Horse Basics: Picking up the feet

Picking up your horse’s feet can present a challenge, but it is necessary. Some horses refuse to lift the foot. Some grab it from you and stamp it to the ground. Some put all of their weight on it when you are holding it. Some kick when you try to get close. Some kick out… Read More Horse Basics: Picking up the feet

Foal Imprinting

Imprinting endows a foal with trust and willingness, and it takes fear of and struggle against humans away. Konrad Lorenz demonstrated how incubator-hatched geese would imprint on the first suitable moving stimulus they saw within what he called a “critical period” between 13–16 hours shortly after hatching. When I was about 12 yrs old, my… Read More Foal Imprinting

Training Exercises: A Good Start

Getting Ready to Train Your Horse Meet “Mojo.” He’s a good egg. Plan Ahead: If you pre-plan your exercises you can frame them to fit your time schedule. Review what you want to accomplish and how you will work before you enter the stall or the round pen. Your attitude will be relaxed but purpose-driven… Read More Training Exercises: A Good Start

How to Use a Bit

Shop Horse Bits Why Use a Bit At All? Horses are very large and fairly insensitive. There is no way that a person could manage a horse by brute force. Therefore, in order to induce a horse to bend to our will, we must exploit every sensitive area – making it first uncomfortable to challenge… Read More How to Use a Bit

Horse Basics: Pasture Etiquette

Horses are natural herd animals and very insecure, uncomfortable, even unhappy, when not in the presence of other horses. There are many communication signals used by horses to understand each other’s intentions. Understanding horse communication is important for horse training, as most techniques try to closely simulate a horse’s natural communication skills. Lead (dominant) Mare:… Read More Horse Basics: Pasture Etiquette