Sing to Me: A Kristull Chronicle

For Courtney A new Odyssey Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns Once upon a time, there was a young maiden named Courtney. She was tall for her age, thin and tall, limber, and strong. She loved the countryside. And she dreamed of having a horse. She dreamed and… Read More Sing to Me: A Kristull Chronicle

Horse Problems: Pawing

Most horses will paw occasionally. However, excessive pawing is considered a vice and is a common problem. It is very frequent in young horses who have not been tied enough to learn to be still. It is common in thoroughbreds who seem to exhibit it more than other breeds – and in conjunction with cribbing.… Read More Horse Problems: Pawing

Horse Problems: Riding in Traffic

There is a Mexican fellow in our suburban neighborhood that rides his horse everywhere he goes. He rides with traffic, stops at stop lights, crosses at crosswalks. I see him every so often and marvel at his horse’s composure. I had always had a dream of taking my horse to the Colorado Rockies and riding… Read More Horse Problems: Riding in Traffic

Horse Problems: Cinchy Horse

“Cinchy” horses object in one way or another to having the saddle-cinch tightened. It can be as mild as just turning to threaten to bite or as dramatic as throwing their body backward onto their back or bucking on top of you. It can be very dangerous. While reading this assessment and possible solutions, take… Read More Horse Problems: Cinchy Horse

Horse Problems: Biting Colt

A Tale of Respect That Conquers All Young horses go through stages of “mouthiness”. They start biting for a couple of reasons: 1. Baby horses, like baby humans, explore the world through taste. Putting their mouths and teeth on things gives them feedback about its composition and personality. 2. Young horses incorporate biting into their… Read More Horse Problems: Biting Colt

How to Clip a Horse

Preparation: Brush, wash, and dry your horse to get any grime or dirt from under the hair. Dirt will dull your blades as well as leave track marks on his body. Use a body sheen product to slick the coat so that the blades will slide through easily and static is minimized. As discussed throughout… Read More How to Clip a Horse

Horse Problems: Hard Mouth – Another Approach

Generally, a horse is said to have a “hard” mouth when he has developed callouses in the corners of his mouth or dead spots on the bars of his mouth where nerve endings have been damaged. The more callouses or dead spots, the more pain he can take and the harder you will have to… Read More Horse Problems: Hard Mouth – Another Approach

Horse Problems: Training The Abused Horse

Equine PTSD. Let go of it. Approximately 50% or more of the people I meet with a problem horse tell me that the horse is a rescue, was abused, or was PROBABLY abused before they got it. Horse abuse pulls on anyone’s heart strings. It comes in the form of neglect and malnutrition or is… Read More Horse Problems: Training The Abused Horse

The Horse Tooth Fairy – A Kristull Chronicle

It has been raining for a week solid, and the mud is ankle deep all over the ranch. But we have an appointment with the Horse Tooth Fairy, Loren Hardie, to float the teeth on several horses today. “Floating” involves a series of rasps (called floats) of different sizes, angles and depths that are inserted… Read More The Horse Tooth Fairy – A Kristull Chronicle

Horse Problems: Horse Eats on the Trail

It can be highly irritating to be taking a long, slow, beautiful trail ride and have your horse continually diving to the ground for a morsel of grass or grabbing tall grasses from the side of the trail. It jars you every time, and can whip the reins right out of your gentle, relaxed hands.… Read More Horse Problems: Horse Eats on the Trail