Side Pull Bridle

The side-pull or “breaking hackamore” is used completely without a bit. Generally, it is used when a colt is first broke to take a rider. It offers good lateral control without confusing him with a bit or damaging his mouth if hard pulls are necessary. The pressure is on the rope nose piece that can… Read More Side Pull Bridle

Leather Tanning

Tack Leather Tanning Hides are tanned to prevent rotting and to add suppleness. There are two main types of tanning: Chrome Tanning and Bark Tanning. Chrome tanning employs chemicals that can be detrimental to a horse when coming into contact with a horse’s sweat. Bark tanning uses only natural vegetable compounds. Latigo refers to a… Read More Leather Tanning

Types of Martingales

Tie Down Sometimes referred to as a “Standing Martingale”, but usually referred to as a Tie-Down by Western Riders, this is a single, fixed-length strap that goes from the D-ring on the cinch up between the horse’s front legs and attaches to the nose band. (The nose band is a separate piece of equipment from… Read More Types of Martingales

Hackamore Bridle

Hackamores are a type of horse headgear that does not have a bit. Horses have very soft faces and many areas with sensitive nerve endings. The hackamore pressures the face, nose, jaw and/or chin areas to control the horse. Bosals The earliest and still popular Bosal Hackamore is comprised of a headstall and a leather… Read More Hackamore Bridle

Bitless Bridle

Bitless Bridle “Less pain means more brain” The bitless bridle is slowly becoming popular – particularly among natural horse trainers and western riders. However, it is not yet accepted by all disciplines (much like barefoot horses). The world of horse training is very slow to change, and many, many riders equate the bit with absolute… Read More Bitless Bridle