One thought on “Founder; Laminitis

  1. I have a little Arab mare (about 14 years old) that developed insulin resistance while at prolonged pasture in Tennessee. Probably too much nitrogen-rich grazing. At any rate, her feet were terrible when I went to get her. I almost put her down because she seemed to be in such pain. I brought her back to New Mexico and put her in a paddock with no grazing. Fed her hay only. I had a very knowledgable farrier (natural trimmer) come to trim her every three weeks for nearly 6 months as her feet grew out with healthy hoof again. She has a slightly crested neck suggesting that she is still insulin resistant, but the vet tells me that all she really needs to stay healthy is exercise. I have asked a teenage friend to help me ride her on a daily basis, and she is sound as a dollar as long as we give her enough room to roam and a nice easy workout every day. She can’t be pstured with other horses who get grain or eat lush grass or she founders again. But she should have a long and pain-free life if we stick to her routine. Thanks for letting me share a happy ending.

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