3 thoughts on “Saddle Pad

  1. What kind of saddle pad would you recommend for a horse that is severely allergic to wool, even a small amount?

    1. My advice would be to use a neoprene pad or purchase a cotton-backed or synthetic wool pad if you can be assured that it has no wool. We don’t carry any that don’t have felt (padded wool) centers. The neoprene might be easier to find. They are usually thin, however. If it is possible, maybe you could put the neoprene under a more conventional pad to keep the wool off of his back.

      Has he actually had the tests to show his intolerance of wool? Some horses become sensitive to different things when fed a certain diet and then lose the sensitivity when their diet changes. (This is particularly true of photo-sensitivity. Light-colored horses sunburn when eating one type of grass and don’t on another) Sounds far fetched, but I have seen it happen.

      Thanks for your interest. Does anyone else have suggestions?

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