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  1. Not one of the various posts I’ve come across are like this one. You can tell much work went into this.

    1. Thank you. It is definitely a labor of love.
      See the HOME page of our blog to see the people who are involved. They love the horses and they love each other. It’s a win-win ranch.

      Pass the word. We love company.

  2. What would be the proper way to clean an Alpaca Roper cinch with a leather center? I cannot find any reccomendations any where on how to clean them and mine could use a good cleaning but I am afraid to ruin it. Any suggestions?

    1. The Alpaca portions of your cinch could be dunked in and agitated in a Woolite solution. Then just laid out to dry. If it shrinks up a little, it won’t matter, as the cinch has probably stretched a little over time anyway. The leather portion can be cleaned with a good leather cleaner. (if it gets a little wet during the wool cleaning, don’t worry. Follow up right away with the glycerin/lanolin/beeswax “saddle soap” to clean and re-soften it)

  3. Hi Genny
    I have had very good luck saddling a bathed or hosed horse as long as you scrape the big moisture off as much as possible. Be sure to get as much dirt out as possible too so that it doesn’t just turn to mud and irritate the skin under the tack. I, personally, think it is better to use a real wool pad and mohair cinch at these times rather than neoprene because they tend to help wick the moisture out of the coat, but there are differing opinions on that.

  4. What do you think about tacking and riding a wet horse? It has been raining pretty steadily the last few weeks. She stays muddy. I can hose her off, but she doesn’t dry forever. Then the rain comes again. It’s very discouraging and doesn’t leave much time to enjoy the trails.

    Genny in Houston,, Tx

    1. I have had really good success using a Water Terminator Synthetic Chamois towel on a wet horse. After the bath, I squeegie her, then rub the saddle and cinch area with the towel. She dries very quickly after the rub down. Then I just leave the towel on the saddle rack while we ride. It is dry by the time I get back and we’re all happy.

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