Saddling a Gator- A Kristull Chronicle

At the Kristull, we’ll saddle and ride anything! There’s a lot of work to do and not much time get it done, so it’s all hands on deck. These saddles must be cleaned and moved. It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it. This Gator is not as comfortable as a good horse,… Read More Saddling a Gator- A Kristull Chronicle

Horse Basics: Pasture Etiquette

Horses are natural herd animals and very insecure, uncomfortable, even unhappy, when not in the presence of other horses. There are many communication signals used by horses to understand each other’s intentions. Understanding horse communication is important for horse training, as most techniques try to closely simulate a horse’s natural communication skills. Lead (dominant) Mare:… Read More Horse Basics: Pasture Etiquette

Training Theory: Release Training

The Three R’s of Horse Training: Release. Relax. Reward. Release training is the art of releasing a horse from pressure at the exact moment that he complies with your cue or request. It is the basis of all horse training – the holy grail of horse trainers. Horses don’t learn from the application of pressure.… Read More Training Theory: Release Training