Training Exercises: More Desensitizing

How are you going to rob a bank? Now that you are spending more time with your horse up close and personal, it is time for more de-sensitizing. He’s met your training tools. He’s learned to wear a halter, move away from you, move around you, and move his head up, down, and sideways at… Read More Training Exercises: More Desensitizing

Training Exercises: Bending at the Walk

Bending at the Walk. A supple body and a supple mind make a horse into the best ride possible. Controlling your horse’s body – each part of it – is everything. A horse who goes around a circle with his head on the outside is off balance and could actually fall if asked to do… Read More Training Exercises: Bending at the Walk

Training Exercises: The Verbal “Whoa!”

In my early days of horse training, I was less experienced and less sure of myself. My angst expressed itself with a great deal of work on safety exercises. Paramount among those were disengaging the horse’s rear early so that he never showed that part of his anatomy to me and teaching him to stop… Read More Training Exercises: The Verbal “Whoa!”

Training Exercises: Back Up

The Goal A horse that respects his handler will back away when his handler moves into his space in an authoritative way. The only time a horse ever backs up in the pasture is when a more dominant horse demands it. Therefore, it is a natural way to gain respect from your horse. Used frequently,… Read More Training Exercises: Back Up

Training Exercises: Disengage Rear

Equipment Needed: Stiff Rope Halter with Nose Knots, a Training Stick (without the string), 14′ to 15′ Lead Rope Training Needed: De-Sensitizing is a necessary pre-requisite for this exercise A difference between pushing and driving. Pushing is a steady pressure that a horse can push back against. Driving is a rhythmic pressure that demands movement… Read More Training Exercises: Disengage Rear

Training Exercises: Disengage

Disengaging is a fancy way of saying that you want your horse to move away from you with the slightest touch. Teaching him (on the ground) how to disengage his rear, disengage his front, and as back up prepares him for many, many more maneuvers further in his training. We spent quite a bit of… Read More Training Exercises: Disengage

Training Exercises: Liberty Longe

Liberty Longing takes place in the round pen without the lead and is practiced on the rail at different gaits. Liberty longing differs from round penning in the intention and intensity. It should be done in a relaxed way. It’s goal is not to take control from a horse or to establish a leader position.… Read More Training Exercises: Liberty Longe

Training Exercises: Line Longing

Line-longing is built on round-penning PLUS disengaging the front and rear. The Purpose of Line-Longing Round penning and lunging are very different. The purpose of Round Penning is to teach a horse that you are the respected leader and he is your willing companion. The purpose of line-longing is for your horse to learn to… Read More Training Exercises: Line Longing

Training Exercises: Longe

There are three types of longing: Round Penning Line-longing Liberty Longing We already looked at round-pen longing of a very new horse, which is used to get his feet moving and teach him that we have control of his feet. It teaches him to respect us as leader. He learns to watch for our hand… Read More Training Exercises: Longe

Training Exercises: Join Up

Joining Up is the first step in a partnership between you and your horse. It builds his trust and overcomes the “fight or flight” instinct inherent in all animals. The object of this lesson is to teach your horse that you are his leader and require his respect as well as friendship. You tell him… Read More Training Exercises: Join Up