Horse Basics: Picking up the feet

Picking up your horse’s feet can present a challenge, but it is necessary. Some horses refuse to lift the foot. Some grab it from you and stamp it to the ground. Some put all of their weight on it when you are holding it. Some kick when you try to get close. Some kick out… Read More Horse Basics: Picking up the feet

Horse Hoof: Equine Thrush

Equine Thrush is a common bacterial infection of the frog or other areas of the hoof which can cause lameness. It has a very unpleasant odor and looks black when compared to the healthy gray color of a healthy frog. While mild cases do not usually cause lameness, left untreated it can progress, migrating ever… Read More Horse Hoof: Equine Thrush

Horse Anatomy & Health: the Barefoot Horse

A “barefoot” horse is a horse that has no shoes nailed to the bottom of its hoof. There is considerable merit being given to the theory that horses should not wear shoes. Given that the frog is meant to act as a shock absorber and the necessity for the hoof itself to expand and contract… Read More Horse Anatomy & Health: the Barefoot Horse

Horse Anatomy: Bars

Shop Bits The bars of a horse refer to two different areas: in the mouth, and on the bottom of the hoof. Bars of the Mouth The empty space between a horse’s incisors and molars. The soft gum tissue in this area is sensitive because there is no muscle here. The nerve endings are very… Read More Horse Anatomy: Bars