Horse Health: Founder, Laminitis

Founder is a term frequently used to describe systemic laminitis. Laminitis usually follows some food-related metabolic disturbance within the horse and results in the partial dysfunction within the hoof. The coffin bone is pulled away from the hoof wall, causing severe pain and lameness. The laminate (tendons) are responsible for flexing and suspension of the… Read More Horse Health: Founder, Laminitis

Horse Anatomy: Hoof

The hoof of a horse is the total weight-bearing structure carrying a 900-1500 pound horse. It’s care and soundness are paramount to the ability of a horse to function. The Walls: It is comprised of a hard outer shell (wall) with a soft-tissue “living” center. The upper limit of the hoof is called the coronet… Read More Horse Anatomy: Hoof