Horse Problems: Horse Eats on the Trail

It can be highly irritating to be taking a long, slow, beautiful trail ride and have your horse continually diving to the ground for a morsel of grass or grabbing tall grasses from the side of the trail. It jars you every time, and can whip the reins right out of your gentle, relaxed hands.… Read More Horse Problems: Horse Eats on the Trail

Horse Health: The Case Against Stalling

There are many reasons why a horse is stalled. Most of them are fallacious. (based on a mistaken belief. synonyms: erroneous, false, untrue, wrong, incorrect, flawed, inaccurate, mistaken, misinformed, misguided). Horses are herd animals. They experience psychological insecurity when removed or isolated from other herd members. This can lead to instability of temperament and the… Read More Horse Health: The Case Against Stalling

Horse Problems: The Charging Horse – A Kristull Chronicle

The Chronicle of Lucky Star’s Rehabilitation Session 1 I never assume that a horse I will be working with has any idea of anything at all. We go directly to the round pen on the very first day and try a few tests of his skills and personality by asking him to move around the… Read More Horse Problems: The Charging Horse – A Kristull Chronicle

Horse Problems: Spooky Horse

In most cases, spooking is a symptom of deeper problems. Your horse is not properly prepared to look to you as a leader and stop in his tracks when presented with unfamiliar objects or situations. Some horses are just naturally more spooky than others. Arabs are, of course, bred to be vigilant. I never recommend… Read More Horse Problems: Spooky Horse

Horse Problems: Trailer Loading

Reign gets in with ease, but it was not always so. This topic is one of the most difficult of all horse topics. Horses are: 1. Claustrophobic. Afraid of small spaces. 2. Without good vision as light changes from sunlight to shadow. Afraid of dark spaces. 3. Afraid of loud noises or different footing. 4.… Read More Horse Problems: Trailer Loading

Horse Problems: Bitting Issues

Shop Horse Bits Three possible reasons to change bits: 1. Your horse is ready to graduate to a bit that teaches him another skill. Following on the discussion above, when your horse has mastered the skill you were teaching with his first bit, he should be rewarded by a bit that gives him more freedom… Read More Horse Problems: Bitting Issues

Horse Problems: Mounting Issues

Every horse should be as easy to mount as this one. A horse that won’t stand still while you mount is, to say the least, irritating and even dangerous. If you’re lucky, you mount and dismount your horse from the ground. If you’re older (like I am) or your horse is particularly tall (like the… Read More Horse Problems: Mounting Issues

Horse Problems: Controlling a Stallion Around Mares

Many people want to keep a stallion for his bloodlines but also want to ride and/or compete with the same horse. That becomes a problem if your stallion becomes unruly around other horses. Untrained stallions begin to snort, fight your control, walk on eggshells, and generally become out of control in an effort to approach… Read More Horse Problems: Controlling a Stallion Around Mares

Horse Problems: Bathing

Bathing can be a hassle if your horse has learned how to object. Can he be hosed off in the grass on a loose lead? Is it the cross ties, the area, or the hose that seems to send him off? The introduction of bathing can be accomplished with your horse on a lead in… Read More Horse Problems: Bathing