Horse Health: Founder, Laminitis

Founder is a term frequently used to describe systemic laminitis. Laminitis usually follows some food-related metabolic disturbance within the horse and results in the partial dysfunction within the hoof. The coffin bone is pulled away from the hoof wall, causing severe pain and lameness. The laminate (tendons) are responsible for flexing and suspension of the… Read More Horse Health: Founder, Laminitis

Horse Health: Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis

DSLD is a debilitating syndrome, causing bi-lateral or quadrilateral lameness in horses with no credible history of trauma or injury. First thought to affect only the Peruvian Paso breed, DSLD is now recognized as a problem in many breeds of horses. It is characterized by dropped fetlocks, horizontal pasterns, straight hocks and stifles and bilateral… Read More Horse Health: Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis

Horse Anatomy: Pastern

Approximately 60% of the weight of a horse is carried on his forward limbs. During locomotion, the forelimbs must be able to take a significant amount of pounding. The pastern functions as a shock absorber. As the weight of a horse comes down on his forehand, the pastern flexes, dropping the fetlock. The pastern slants… Read More Horse Anatomy: Pastern

Horse Hoof: Equine Thrush

Equine Thrush is a common bacterial infection of the frog or other areas of the hoof which can cause lameness. It has a very unpleasant odor and looks black when compared to the healthy gray color of a healthy frog. While mild cases do not usually cause lameness, left untreated it can progress, migrating ever… Read More Horse Hoof: Equine Thrush