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Horse Health: Breeding on Foaling Heat

In the past, most of our mares were pasture-bred to one of our in-house stallions. It was natural and easy. We had several premium stallions to choose from, we knew the mares were clean and there were no outside breedings to bring VD’s into the herd, and the breedings took place with little interference from… Read More Horse Health: Breeding on Foaling Heat

Horse Problems: Training The Abused Horse

Equine PTSD. Let go of it. Approximately 50% or more of the people I meet with a problem horse tell me that the horse is a rescue, was abused, or was PROBABLY abused before they got it. Horse abuse pulls on anyone’s heart strings. It comes in the form of neglect and mal-nutirtion or is… Read More Horse Problems: Training The Abused Horse

Saddling a Gator- A Kristull Chronicle

These saddles must be cleaned and moved. It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it. At the Kristull, we’ll saddle and ride anything! There’s a lot of work to do and not much time to do it, so it’s all hands on deck. This Gator is not as comfortable as a good horse,… Read More Saddling a Gator- A Kristull Chronicle

Training Exercises – Foal 3 Days Old

The purpose of this exercise is to catch, restrain, gently control, and release the baby every day so that he gets used to giving to pressure from the very beginning. This lesson will also reinforce his earlier contact-imprinting as you enlarge your rubbing, stroking, and manipulating of his body, legs and feet. All of this… Read More Training Exercises – Foal 3 Days Old

The Horse Tooth Fairy – A Kristull Chronicle

It has been raining for a week solid, and the mud is ankle deep all over the ranch. But we have an appointment with the Horse Tooth Fairy, Loren Hardie, to float the teeth on several horses today. “Floating” involves a series of rasps (called floats) of different sizes, angles and depths that are inserted… Read More The Horse Tooth Fairy – A Kristull Chronicle

Side Pull Bridle

The side-pull or “breaking hackamore” is used completely without a bit. Generally, it is used when a colt is first broke to take a rider. It offers good lateral control without confusing him with a bit or damaging his mouth if hard pulls are necessary. The pressure is on the rope nose piece that can… Read More Side Pull Bridle

Cutting Horse

Cutting Horse — a horse used to “cut off” or separate one or more animals from a herd. This horse is “cutting” Steer #4 away from the herd. Cutting Saddle: A saddle for cutting horses whose movements are abrupt with short stops and turns. It has a deep seat with wide swells (fork) and high cantle… Read More Cutting Horse

Horse Anatomy: Frog

The frog is a part of the underside of a horse’s hoof. It functions as a shock absorber and part of the horse’s circulatory system. It is triangular in shape, the base of the triangle located at the heel and the top pointing toward the toe of the hoof. It should cover about 25% or… Read More Horse Anatomy: Frog

Training Exercises: Flex Training

Teaching Your Horse to Flex The object of this exercise is to teach your horse to move his neck and shoulders: to bend and flex laterally (left to right) and verticaly (up and down). Lateral Flex is the KEY to every exercise from now on. It prepares your horse mentally for your partnership and teaches… Read More Training Exercises: Flex Training

Introducing a New Bit

It is a good idea with a young, inexperienced horse to work with his mouth before introducing a bit. Play with his lips. Put your fingers into his mouth, massage his bars, rub his palate. This can be done with newborn foals during the imprinting process or on an older horse who has not had… Read More Introducing a New Bit