The Horses of Middle Europe – A Kristull Chronicle

A recent trip to Prague, Budapest and Vienna provided these beautiful examples of horses of old and equine treasures today in what was the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the reigns of Emperor Charles VI, Empress Maria Theresea and the Emperor Franz Joseph I (and before).

Horses were the war machinery of the day, the agricultural beasts of burden and the status symbol of the elite.

2 thoughts on “The Horses of Middle Europe – A Kristull Chronicle

  1. Magyar Chieftans

    Are those antlers for protecting the horse? I know nothing, but looks like it took a lot of work to have horse tolerate them.

    1. Perhaps they could be used as protection if the horses were used the way that war horses were used in later ages. However, I’m not sure if they are for protection as much as for symbolizing the power and ferocity of the rider. Antlers were used for many horse products in history. Particularly useful as the sides of pack saddles for American Indians and Mountain men.

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