2 thoughts on “Jeffrey’s Method First Mounting

    1. He was GREATLY helped by his imprint training! Additionally, he is well-bred for temperament. His dam is wonderful and his sire was a Friesian with a great temperament.

      Being “untrained” and “unhandled” is preferable to being badly trained and poorly handled.

      I have trained several half-friesian horses for the same owner. They were all untrained until much older age due to the illness of the breeder (just like Reign). All but two turned out to be just as easy to train. One “failure” had been sent to a very bad trainer as a 3-year-old. He was a kicker and a very anxious horse when he came back. The 2nd was not imprinted and poorly trained during ground work before I got her – too much pressure put on her. She was sold as a brood mare that would never be ridden.

      I’ll take a “virgin” horse any day over a mis-handled horse.

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