Training Exercises: More Desensitizing

How are you going to rob a bank? Now that you are spending more time with your horse up close and personal, it is time for more de-sensitizing. He’s met your training tools. He’s learned to wear a halter, move away from you, move around you, and move his head up, down, and sideways at… Read More Training Exercises: More Desensitizing

Training Exercises – Foal 3 Weeks Old

By now your foal is getting pretty big and strong. He has also experienced a lot more of life: He has had daily sessions of Loop control and halter control. If your baby hasn’t experienced any of these routines, make it a point to introduce them right away. He still isn’t standing still to be… Read More Training Exercises – Foal 3 Weeks Old

Training Exercises – Foal 3 Days Old

The purpose of this exercise is to catch, restrain, gently control, and release the baby every day so that he gets used to giving to pressure from the very beginning. This lesson will also reinforce his earlier contact-imprinting as you enlarge your rubbing, stroking, and manipulating of his body, legs and feet. All of this… Read More Training Exercises – Foal 3 Days Old

Horse Problems: Spooky Horse

In most cases, spooking is a symptom of deeper problems. Your horse is not properly prepared to look to you as a leader and stop in his tracks when presented with unfamiliar objects or situations. Some horses are just naturally more spooky than others. Arabs are, of course, bred to be vigilant. I never recommend… Read More Horse Problems: Spooky Horse

Horse Problems: Trailer Loading

Reign gets in with ease, but it was not always so. This topic is one of the most difficult of all horse topics. Horses are: 1. Claustrophobic. Afraid of small spaces. 2. Without good vision as light changes from sunlight to shadow. Afraid of dark spaces. 3. Afraid of loud noises or different footing. 4.… Read More Horse Problems: Trailer Loading

Horse Basics: Picking up the feet

Picking up your horse’s feet can present a challenge, but it is necessary. Some horses refuse to lift the foot. Some grab it from you and stamp it to the ground. Some put all of their weight on it when you are holding it. Some kick when you try to get close. Some kick out… Read More Horse Basics: Picking up the feet

Horse Problems: Mounting Issues

Every horse should be as easy to mount as this one. A horse that won’t stand still while you mount is, to say the least, irritating and even dangerous. If you’re lucky, you mount and dismount your horse from the ground. If you’re older (like I am) or your horse is particularly tall (like the… Read More Horse Problems: Mounting Issues

Training Exercises: First Ride

Day 1: First day moving with a rider in the saddle

Training Exercises: First Saddle Mounting

Following Reign’s progress – mud and all. Reign has worn his saddle every day for 3 hours for a week. He has had bumpers on every part of his saddle and has grazed in the pasture – adding treat to insult. He now looks forward to his saddle because it means lots of green grass.… Read More Training Exercises: First Saddle Mounting

Training Exercises: First Saddle Experience

A horse’s first saddle experience can be difficult or easy, depending on how much ground training he has and how solid he is when it comes to pressure situations. We do not introduce a saddle until a horse can lunge in hand properly and has had a lot of desensitizing. He should have no “untouchable”… Read More Training Exercises: First Saddle Experience