Horse Problems: Mounting Issues

Every horse should be as easy to mount as this one. A horse that won’t stand still while you mount is, to say the least, irritating and even dangerous. If you’re lucky, you mount and dismount your horse from the ground. If you’re older (like I am) or your horse is particularly tall (like the… Read More Horse Problems: Mounting Issues

Training Exercises: Disengage Rear

Equipment Needed: Stiff Rope Halter with Nose Knots, a Training Stick (without the string), 14′ to 15′ Lead Rope Training Needed: De-Sensitizing is a necessary pre-requisite for this exercise A difference between pushing and driving. Pushing is a steady pressure that a horse can push back against. Driving is a rhythmic pressure that demands movement… Read More Training Exercises: Disengage Rear

Training Exercises: Disengage

Disengaging is a fancy way of saying that you want your horse to move away from you with the slightest touch. Teaching him (on the ground) how to disengage his rear, disengage his front, and as back up prepares him for many, many more maneuvers further in his training. We spent quite a bit of… Read More Training Exercises: Disengage