Training Exercises – Foal 3 Days Old

The purpose of this exercise is to catch, restrain, gently control, and release the baby every day so that he gets used to giving to pressure from the very beginning. This lesson will also reinforce his earlier contact-imprinting as you enlarge your rubbing, stroking, and manipulating of his body, legs and feet. All of this… Read More Training Exercises – Foal 3 Days Old

The Western Saddle: Cinch

Shop Cinches Cinch: The wide “belt” that attaches (by way of heavy leather straps) to either side of the western saddle and goes around the horse’s chest to hold the saddle in place. Cinch Materials: Most cinches are made of Mohair, Synthetics, or Neoprene. Each has its pros and cons. The best materials transfer heat… Read More The Western Saddle: Cinch

Horse Problems: Trailer Loading

Reign gets in with ease, but it was not always so. This topic is one of the most difficult of all horse topics. Horses are: 1. Claustrophobic. Afraid of small spaces. 2. Without good vision as light changes from sunlight to shadow. Afraid of dark spaces. 3. Afraid of loud noises or different footing. 4.… Read More Horse Problems: Trailer Loading

Reign’s 30 days of Immersion Riding: A Kristull Chronicle

30 Days of Riding Immersion Intro by Jackie Nelson Reign (3/4 Friesian gelding) is now in serious training to become a stellar trail riding horse. It has been nearly a year since he had his very first experience with having a rider on his back. Life got in the way. Days flew by, then weeks,… Read More Reign’s 30 days of Immersion Riding: A Kristull Chronicle