Horse Halters are a common type of bitless headgear used on a horse. They are most commonly used by a person on the ground leading or directing a horse’s movement or for tying him. A halter is preferred for tying because bridles are usually made of more expensive and lighter materials (which can break) and… Read More Halters

Training Exercises: How to Introduce a bit

It is a good idea with a young, inexperienced horse to work with his mouth before introducing a bit. Play with his lips. Put your fingers into his mouth, massage his bars, rub his palate. This can be done with newborn foals during the imprinting process or on an older horse who has not had… Read More Training Exercises: How to Introduce a bit

Training Exercises: First Halter

Halter training for a domesticated colt

Horse Anatomy: Poll

Of particular importance in both training and riding, the poll is the part of the horse’s head immediately behind or between the ears. It is the occipital protrusion at the back of the skull. A slight depression marks the jointed area just behind the protrusion – a very sensitive area. Because bridles and halters pass… Read More Horse Anatomy: Poll