Horse Problems: The Difficult to Catch Horse

So you can’t catch your horse. Why do horses run away from their owners? 1. Wild or untrained horses are intimidated or afraid. They need an owner who understands how they view the person approaching through an instinctive prism of fight or flight and they need de-sensitizing training. 2. Horses in a group take cues… Read More Horse Problems: The Difficult to Catch Horse

Horse Problems: The Charging Horse – A Kristull Chronicle

The Chronicle of Lucky Star’s Rehabilitation Session 1 I never assume that a horse I will be working with has any idea of anything at all. We go directly to the round pen on the very first day and try a few tests of his skills and personality by asking him to move around the… Read More Horse Problems: The Charging Horse – A Kristull Chronicle

Training Exercises: De-Sensitize

Once your horse has started to join you in his journey to partnership, he must trust that you will not hurt him and that you will lead him only down safe travels. His natural instincts will keep him nervous, wary and ever-vigilant. He looks to the leader to warn of danger and to prescribe action… Read More Training Exercises: De-Sensitize

Training Exercises: First Halter

Halter training for a domesticated colt

Training Exercises: Join Up

Joining Up is the first step in a partnership between you and your horse. It builds his trust and overcomes the “fight or flight” instinct inherent in all animals. The object of this lesson is to teach your horse that you are his leader and require his respect as well as friendship. You tell him… Read More Training Exercises: Join Up