The Case for Round Bales: A Kristull Chronicle

Let’s start at the end of our quest instead of the beginning: A round bale with a hay net requires less time to feed daily, uses less hay per horse, keeps horses happier because it provides more natural forage, and will reduce your own stress level as horses calm down and stop worrying themselves and… Read More The Case for Round Bales: A Kristull Chronicle

Saddling a Gator- A Kristull Chronicle

At the Kristull, we’ll saddle and ride anything! There’s a lot of work to do and not much time get it done, so it’s all hands on deck. These saddles must be cleaned and moved. It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it. This Gator is not as comfortable as a good horse,… Read More Saddling a Gator- A Kristull Chronicle

Training Exercises – Foal 3 Days Old

The purpose of this exercise is to catch, restrain, gently control, and release the baby every day so that he gets used to giving to pressure from the very beginning. This lesson will also reinforce his earlier contact-imprinting as you enlarge your rubbing, stroking, and manipulating of his body, legs and feet. All of this… Read More Training Exercises – Foal 3 Days Old

Horse Health: Medicinal Sugar

Sugar has long been used by naturalists and herbalists as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal treatment for wound care and healing. However, due to our “western medicine” indoctrination, it took an up-close-and-personal experience with it to really make me comfortable with its healing properties. Austin, Texas experienced a tragic flash flood in 2013 that swept away and… Read More Horse Health: Medicinal Sugar

Horse Problems: Spooky Horse

In most cases, spooking is a symptom of deeper problems. Your horse is not properly prepared to look to you as a leader and stop in his tracks when presented with unfamiliar objects or situations. Some horses are just naturally more spooky than others. Arabs are, of course, bred to be vigilant. I never recommend… Read More Horse Problems: Spooky Horse

Horse Problems: Bathing

Bathing can be a hassle if your horse has learned how to object. Can he be hosed off in the grass on a loose lead? Is it the cross ties, the area, or the hose that seems to send him off? The introduction of bathing can be accomplished with your horse on a lead in… Read More Horse Problems: Bathing

Training Exercises: Sidepass

Sidepass The sidepass or sideways lateral movement also starts on the ground. Some trainers teach it by 1. face the horse into the rail 2. stand facing his side 3. ask him to move (either by pressuring him physically with your hand or using your handy stick) – first his front, then his rear, then… Read More Training Exercises: Sidepass

Training Exercises: Teaching Rear Leg Yield from the Ground

A Push Button Horse: Beginning Leg Cues for Turning on the Fore The shortest distance between two points is through the ground. If you want a push-button horse, you must install the buttons. That is best done from the ground. Well-trained horses uses leg cues, face cues, and seat cues to anticipate what their rider… Read More Training Exercises: Teaching Rear Leg Yield from the Ground

Training Exercises: Maintain Direction

Maintain Direction When you set a course from point A to point B, your horse should travel in a straight line, maintaining his speed and direction until you ask him to change either or both. If you have been following this discussion in order, we have not yet worked on direction over the long haul.… Read More Training Exercises: Maintain Direction

Reign’s 30 days of Immersion Riding: A Kristull Chronicle

30 Days of Riding Immersion Intro by Jackie Nelson Reign (3/4 Friesian gelding) is now in serious training to become a stellar trail riding horse. It has been nearly a year since he had his very first experience with having a rider on his back. Life got in the way. Days flew by, then weeks,… Read More Reign’s 30 days of Immersion Riding: A Kristull Chronicle