Horse Problems: The Difficult to Catch Horse

So you can’t catch your horse. Why do horses run away from their owners? 1. Wild or untrained horses are intimidated or afraid. They need an owner who understands how they view the person approaching through an instinctive prism of fight or flight and they need de-sensitizing training. 2. Horses in a group take cues… Read More Horse Problems: The Difficult to Catch Horse

Horse Problems: Bitting Issues

Shop Horse Bits Three possible reasons to change bits: 1. Your horse is ready to graduate to a bit that teaches him another skill. Following on the discussion above, when your horse has mastered the skill you were teaching with his first bit, he should be rewarded by a bit that gives him more freedom… Read More Horse Problems: Bitting Issues

Horse Problems: Bathing

Bathing can be a hassle if your horse has learned how to object. Can he be hosed off in the grass on a loose lead? Is it the cross ties, the area, or the hose that seems to send him off? The introduction of bathing can be accomplished with your horse on a lead in… Read More Horse Problems: Bathing

Training Exercises: Patience; Talk To The Post

Equipment Needed: Stiff rope halter with nose-knots, 14′ – 15′ lead rope, Aussie or Blocker Tie. Training Needed: All pre-requisite training that has taught your horse to soften to pressure. Specifically Disengaging the Rear, Disengaging the Front, and Backing Up. All of those exercises teach a horse to move away from pressure, which is necessary… Read More Training Exercises: Patience; Talk To The Post