Training Exercises: Patience; Talk To The Post

Equipment Needed: Stiff rope halter with nose-knots, 14′ – 15′ lead rope, Aussie or Blocker Tie. Training Needed: All pre-requisite training that has taught your horse to soften to pressure. Specifically Disengaging the Rear, Disengaging the Front, and Backing Up. All of those exercises teach a horse to move away from pressure, which is necessary… Read More Training Exercises: Patience; Talk To The Post

Training Exercises: Vertical Flex

The Goal The goal of this exercise is to teach your horse to yield to pressure at his poll. This is first used to induce a horse to lower his head for easy haltering or bridling. It is further used to start your horse lowering his head and tucking his nose in preparation for Collection.… Read More Training Exercises: Vertical Flex

Training Exercises: Line Longing

Line-longing is built on round-penning PLUS disengaging the front and rear. The Purpose of Line-Longing Round penning and lunging are very different. The purpose of Round Penning is to teach a horse that you are the respected leader and he is your willing companion. The purpose of line-longing is for your horse to learn to… Read More Training Exercises: Line Longing

Training Exercises: Longe

There are three types of longing: Round Penning Line-longing Liberty Longing We already looked at round-pen longing of a very new horse, which is used to get his feet moving and teach him that we have control of his feet. It teaches him to respect us as leader. He learns to watch for our hand… Read More Training Exercises: Longe